Monday, February 23, 2009

Review of Shiku sushi

My dad and I really wanted Sushi last night, and was looking forward to trying Moshi Moshi, but to my dismay it was closed. So we walked next door and tried Shiku sushi. I was happy I could get my sushi fix on a Sunday, which is difficult to do. As we entered the door I was glad it was a little chilly, a cold sushi restaurant is a good sushi restaurant. We were greeted at the door by a nice young man, we settled up to the Sushi bar, and were ready to eat.

Johnny-son and Cook were the sushi chefs. Johnny was quite entertaining actually, and their Blues Brothers hats added to the atmosphere.

The sushi I had was some of the best I have had in a long time. The Salmon, Albacore, and Yellow Tail was so fresh is melted in my mouth. There were nice touches as well, a bit of citrus on the tuna, avocado on the Salmon, and lime on the yellow tail. Those slight enhancements really brought out the taste of the fish. I was pleasantly surprised. As we were wrapping up dinner, the owner Robbie, came out and chatted. He is a nice guy, and a lot younger that I expected. But good for him bringing Sushi to Ballard.

I am looking forward to trying Moshi Moshi, which according to Robbie, has a more traditional flare.

Check out Shiku, it is worth it.


bruce said...

Haven't you been to Sams?? Their establishment has served the sushi hungry Ballard folks for years, and it's some of the best. Don't forget them please.

ballardthrilla said...

Yes. Ballard had Sam's... But Now Ballard has Sam's, Shiku and Moshi Moshi. Been to them all. I think the quality of the sushi at both Shiku and Moshi beats Sam's by a mile. Can'tdecide which I like better though... I htink Shiku wins because they have the Washlet in the women's restroom.