Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sunday is Funday!

Perhaps inspired a Pho shop opening RIGHT NEXT DOOR to Anne's Teriyaki, which also happens to serve Pho, we were so pleasantly surprised to learn that Anne's is now open on Sunday. People, this is God's day and we can't think of a better way to celebrate Him than with a nice plate of affordable food from Anne. We ate there on Sunday and were so Happy It Was Open! Probably because we are firm believers in their Tofu Sate as a miracle cure for hangovers. We highly recommend it. Now go get some.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Market Street = The New University Ave?


Have you noticed that Market Street is starting to look a lot like the Ave? The recent addition of another Pho Restaurant, Buffalo Exchange and an upcoming Head Shop made us think so. Vote in our Poll (at left) and let us know which new business will make it more like the Ave!

The Votes Are In

Great job voting folks! Thanks for participating. As you can see in our poll to the left, most people think that a head shop will tip the scales on Market making it more like the Ave. We agree! So go welcome the owners of Market Street's newest "smoke" shop once it's open. It's located next to the liquor store (how convenient) and is called something like Best Smoke Shop.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Golden City Expands!!

Our sources tell us the Old 'n' Sh*tty has expanded to accommodate more strong drink awesomeness. They are now occupying the space next door - you know - where Scream was. Imagine expanding in this economy! We're thinking it's the bar business that's keeping them going since we never really see anyone in the actual restaurant place.

The Ballard Gossip Gals now have something to look forward to this fall besides tailgates, rain soaked trudges down Market, and happy hour pub crawls. We'll check it out and post some pictures as soon as we can. If you beat us to it, send us your pics.