Thursday, April 30, 2009

Syttende Gay Returns! Hej!


May 17th (or Syttende May in Norwegian) is Ballard's biggest day of the year. It's Norwegian Constitution Day and it's one of the largest Norwegian parades outside of Norway. The Syttende Mai Parade will again feature the fabulous Syttende Gay event at BalMar - their event name is quite clever. All of the local Scandigavians will be there to watch.

Where will you watch? The BGG has our patio reserved and we've started planning for the day. The parade starts at 4:00 p.m. near Adam's Elementary on 24th and 62nd. The route follows 24th down to Market Street where they head east toward Bergen Place.

It's actually not too late to apply to march in the parade. You can get the application here.

As we've said before, we really love the Seattle Police Motorcycle Drill Team. Here's a video of them we found on YouTube. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dirty Little Party and Famous People

In case you have been salivating since you heard Lindsay and Sam split, you can get your chance to see the high profile man-waif spin here in Seattle. "DJ" Samantha Ronson will be spinning at DList Magazine's anniversary party in Fremont. (Although we're way more fond of her brother's work - especially the lovely remix of the Klaxons' Valerie featuring Ms. Winehouse.)

They're promoting a pretty interesting group of people including tan-o-riffic Blayne Walsh from Project Runway.

You can get some tickets at for the May 14th show. Now's your chance for you to famewhore around in your own neighborhood!

Monday, April 20, 2009

New BECU Branch in Ballard Square

We confirmed with BECU that they will be moving from their current location to the Ballard Square building at 2232 NW Market St. BECU's Media contact Todd Pietzsch says they have outgrown their space in Safeway.

BECU be in the building where SuperCuts and The Tux Shop were located. According to BECU, "We are projecting opening in July."

Thanks go out to BGG reader Anna Jacobs for the question!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Quick Gossip

  • We hear there's a time capsule buried in the cement in front of Hazlewood. They put it there when they were replacing the sewer lines a while back. Do you know what's in it?
  • The Waterwheel made the top 10 in Mike Seely's new book Seattle's Best Dive Bars. Go Wheel!
  • Beloved former Lockspot bartender Kevin has been seen making a few guest appearances at the Spot.
  • Is it just us or have there been an amazing number of lights-flashing-sirens-blaring ambulances and fire trucks screaming down Market lately? WTF!
  • Kiss Cafe has a new(ish) addition to their bar after a holiday remodel. You haven't been yet? Get in there! Great grilled sandwiches, amazing rotating bottled beer selection and really great staff. Ladies - The 99 Bottles of Beer Club is being sorely under-represented by women. Drink 99 bottles, get your own etched beer glass (they are super nice) and become part of the Ballard Drinking Team. Why is that cool? Well, we happen to know a lady who is a member and they throw wild parties. Just sayin'
  • What Market Street bar is already preparing for the 17th of May Parade? Where will you watch?
  • Have you tried the Blue Plate Special at Hi-Life? We did and it's a recession era gem! Get while they still offer it.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

BGG to Mariners - We Can't Take It Anymore!

Note to the Seattle Mariners:

Seriously, Mariners, get your game together! We're fans and all but we don't have the emotional strength to take another crappy year. I know you're playing right now and you might win with Washburn on the mound, but starting out the season with two stinking losses and a weak pitching lineup doesn't bode well for us.

Yeah, we know there are a lot of games in the season. But come on! We need you to be winners. Please? Pretty Please?

Update: Okay! You won. Thank you. Really, thank you. Keep it up. Nice Job Mr. Washburn. We mean it. We'll see you at Safeco and we want you to be awesome.