Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Quick Gossip

  • We hear there's a time capsule buried in the cement in front of Hazlewood. They put it there when they were replacing the sewer lines a while back. Do you know what's in it?
  • The Waterwheel made the top 10 in Mike Seely's new book Seattle's Best Dive Bars. Go Wheel!
  • Beloved former Lockspot bartender Kevin has been seen making a few guest appearances at the Spot.
  • Is it just us or have there been an amazing number of lights-flashing-sirens-blaring ambulances and fire trucks screaming down Market lately? WTF!
  • Kiss Cafe has a new(ish) addition to their bar after a holiday remodel. You haven't been yet? Get in there! Great grilled sandwiches, amazing rotating bottled beer selection and really great staff. Ladies - The 99 Bottles of Beer Club is being sorely under-represented by women. Drink 99 bottles, get your own etched beer glass (they are super nice) and become part of the Ballard Drinking Team. Why is that cool? Well, we happen to know a lady who is a member and they throw wild parties. Just sayin'
  • What Market Street bar is already preparing for the 17th of May Parade? Where will you watch?
  • Have you tried the Blue Plate Special at Hi-Life? We did and it's a recession era gem! Get while they still offer it.

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