Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Old Scam - New Twist

The old scam of magazine and books sellers going door-to-door is back and this time they are posing as University of Washington college students "raising money" for study abroad trips. We have from an inside source at the University of Washington Study Abroad Office that several people in the community have called to verify if this in fact is legit. It is NOT. According to our source, the Study Abroad Office and other Departments on campus are not sponsoring any fund raising of this kind. Reports of these tricky door-to-door salesmen have come in from across the Puget Sound region, including Edmonds and Mercer Island.

What to do if someone knocks your door? Well, after you have slammed the door in their faces, it is suggested that you call the police....

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mayor McBeardy is Our Hero!

Prayers are Answered

Finally, someone in this city is talking some sense!  Today the Mayor of Seattle (surprisingly, not the Mayor of Ballard) proposed that bars should be allowed to stay open all night.  Hooray!  Finally someone running this city is talking sense.  Hopefully it will weaken the stranglehold the crazy-restrictive-controlling-antiquated-out-of-touch  Washington State liquor board has on our nightlife. 

Anyone who travels knows that if you allow bars to close when they want and stagger closing times, it lessens the 2 a.m. crazy time.  People drink, get drunk and go home on their own schedules.  No one wants a  hoard of drunked up fratholes roaming the streets with reckless abandon all at once.   Wouldn't it be nice to be able to get a taxi at 2 a.m.?  Brilliant, Mayor, brilliant! We are so happy you are our Mayor instead of that blowhole Nickels.  Amen.

Now, we only have to hope that the WSLB approves it.  Where is our sexy silver haired pol when we need him?  Reuven??  A little help please....

Thursday, July 1, 2010

WARNING! The Police Read BGG!

Well Peeps, it appears that Seattle's Finest might be reading Ballard Gossip Girl. This evening at 7:30pm a Seattle Police Department Officer was spotted giving out tickets to cars that were parked front-in in back-in angle parking places. Yes, this has been a rant of BBG writers and apparently, the SPD have caught on. I do not wish anyone a ticket, but come on, read the signs.