Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Golden City Expands!!

Our sources tell us the Old 'n' Sh*tty has expanded to accommodate more strong drink awesomeness. They are now occupying the space next door - you know - where Scream was. Imagine expanding in this economy! We're thinking it's the bar business that's keeping them going since we never really see anyone in the actual restaurant place.

The Ballard Gossip Gals now have something to look forward to this fall besides tailgates, rain soaked trudges down Market, and happy hour pub crawls. We'll check it out and post some pictures as soon as we can. If you beat us to it, send us your pics.


Elttaes said...

This has been "open" for awhile now. I live around the corner and look forward to more stumbling drunks playing pinball between parked cars.

The strange thing about Golden City is that I have heard two reports that the food is good. The owners are persistent in telling take out customers they can eat in the restaurant as well.

LittleNorwegian said...

Ah Tommy knows how to read the market...next lets hope he takes the Paper Wrapped Chicken off the menu.