Monday, August 24, 2009

A Blogger We Like

We were reading the Seattle P.I.'s police blotter blog and came across this item about our neighbors to the North. We just wanted to share it with you because we read it quite often and find the writers hilarious.

Teens catch break after being caught with booze on Aurora

Four teens who were boozing on the roof of an Aurora Avenue North strip mall caught a break after being caught by police last week.

About 1:20 a.m. Tuesday, police were called to people partying in the 9900 block of Aurora Avenue North. An officer saw a long ladder attached by a chain to the north end of the building, and while investigating another found a half empty 1.75-liter bottle of Pancho Villa Tequila.

"At first the group said they saw the ladder and decided they were just going to explore," officer Marcus Inouye wrote in his report. "When the liquor was brought up (one of the young women) said she had brought it and carried it up the 30-40 foot ladder, such that the other individuals knew that it was there."

The teens – two young men, a woman and a girl – were released after police dumped the alcohol on the ground. The report does not detail why they were released.

It's presumed they warned the teens about the dangers of drinking, though it's not clear if they were reprimanded for their taste in tequila.

Bravo to those sassy mouthed staff writers! Keep the zingers coming. Oh, and we would have lectured them about the hazards of cheap tequila as well. Teens have to learn it somewhere!

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