Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Nickels 86'd?

It's not looking good for old Nickels. He's trailing McGinn and Mallahan but it's very close. In fact, so close there will most likely be an automatic recount.

The bag fee is failing which just goes to show you that big chemical companies still have the power to overturn grassroots campaigns! Well, at least we can count on something these days.

Which brings us to another topic. As we're busy picking Seattle's mayor we should consider who we would like as the Mayor of Ballard. Thoughts?! Perhaps we should do a poll.

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Erick said...

The bag tax was a regressive tax that hurts poor people suffering through a recession.

There is no doubt a lot of grassroots energy behind reducing plastic waste, but people's economic interests took precedence.

What about giving people a Seattle property and/or sales tax refund whenever shopping with cloth bags? Then people's economic and environmental interests are in alignment.