Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Moshi Moshi Open Open

It was on like Donkey Kong at Moshi Moshi tonight for their soft opening.

We'd like to say we took great pictures of the sushi, but it made its way into our mouths so quickly we forgot to get out the camera. Please examine our afterthought photos of the nice light fixtures by our table instead.

Drinks - Outstanding
Although they don't have any signature drinks featuring our primary liquid vodka, the gin and rum cocktails will blow your socks off. And maybe your skirts, too.

Food - Unbelievably Good
Among our highlights were delicious age dashi tofu, a chirashi bowl with amazing fish and shiitake mushrooms, melt in your mouth tuna, and a seared salmon belly we will dream about.

Get in there Ballard. It's good. Oh, and while we dream about salmon bellies, we'd like to lay on the bar and stare for hours at the LED cherry blossom tree forgetting time and leaving our dignity at the door. One day...

p.s. They say they are hoping to open for lunch in a couple of months.

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Kate McElwee said...

ooh, yay! I'm excited to try it for the first time tonight :-)