Thursday, December 20, 2007

Capitol Hill's Comet Tavern sold

By Tom Scanlon

Seattle Times staff reporter

The Comet Tavern, a dive bar that is one of Capitol Hill's drinking-and-music landmarks, has been sold.

"It's going to stay the Comet, the booking person is going to stay there, everything stays the same," said Conrad Topacio, real-estate agent who handled the sale of the Comet, at 922 E. Pike St. Despite that, on Wednesday the Comet's listed phone number was disconnected.

Topacio said the deal was being finalized; he would not reveal the new owner's name until then.

The news of a things-are-staying-the-same sale should come as a relief to Seattle area's live music fans. Earlier this week, the Crocodile Cafe, another storied club, closed without advance notice, and there is no word on whether it will reopen.

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Anonymous said...

I hope it stays the same, but you know how it is...they all say it won't change but then it does.