Friday, January 4, 2008

No Longer Gossip...Sunset Bowl's Impending Demise

According to the blogging folks over at the Stranger, the sale of Sunset Bowl has been confirmed by their general manager and the place will probably be closing in the next few months.
Just as we thought the condo building craze was maxing out and hope was resurfacing for other buildings (such as the historic former Denny's) on Ballard's 24-hour corner, this is a large blow, both for Ballard and for area bowlers, drinkers and karaoke stars.
Of course, there is already talk of a resistance movement, so the news could change.
Trust Ballard Gossip Girl to keep you updated on any developments, condo or otherwise...


snowpea said...

That sucks! I am so sad that I won't be able to bowl in Ballard or sing crappy karaoke. Worst news ever.

Anonymous said...

Neil Diamond Save Us!