Sunday, December 9, 2007

Find Your Holiday Spirit(s)

Stay tuned for updates to this post on Ballard bar and restaurant holiday hours.

Looking to keep the holidays lively or just escape the obligatory festivities for awhile? Before you get your heart set on that favorite restaurant or watering hole, let us do the research to make sure it's open. We're also on the lookout for specials and extras to put you in the celebrating mood. A few early notes...

Get your fill soon at the perpetually packed La Carta de Oaxaca. The regional eatery and tequila-ry is scheduled to close from 12/23 through the first of the year. Will this allow some extra time for preparations over at Ocho? Only time, or perhaps persistent investigation, will tell.

Next door, the Sunset Tavern will be closed for a large chunk of that time. They're looking at taking a break from December 23rd through the 28th. They're also reporting New Years Eve as a private news yet on the invite list. Public preparation for the holiday season, though, includes two days of Holiday Rock n' Roll Circus with The Cops headlining two different lineups of musical acts and other entertainment on December 14th and 15th.

Fans of large sandwiches, Belgian brews and parmesan sprinkled fries should note that Old Town Alehouse will be closing at 4pm on December 24th and remain closed on Christmas Day. They're also closing early on Tuesday, December 11th but we there should be a number of other choices in the neighborhood on that day.

Warming Holiday Drink Tip:
For an escape to (instead of away from) the holidays, try the $4.50 glass of Gl├╝hwein at the People's Pub. The beer mug sized serving of spiced wine is at least twice what you'd find when wandering around Germany's Christmas markets, although here you have to drink it inside. You might ask for an accompanying shot of brandy on the side for an authentic additional kick.

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lushy said...

I've spent quite a few holidays sipping drinks in Ballard after trying unsuccessfully to find a cab downtown on New Year's Eve. Thanks for the update!