Tuesday, December 11, 2007

New Menu at the Lockspot!

12/13 Update! We sampled several of the new items last night. They're precisely as greasy as you'd expect from the Lockspot. The Fair Burger's overwhelming "cheese" was balanced by a healthy heaping of raw as well as grilled onions. We'll have to reserve judgment on the Greek fries since they were out of some key ingredients. The pile of garlic buttery goodness and feta was a promising introduction though. The Italian Grilled Cheese really took the ribbon for filling. In addition to oozing cheese, the bread was soaked in butter with the promised dusting of parmesan on the outside. Delicious!

Our experts at Ballard Gossip Girl can't recall a time in the last 10 years that the menu at the Lockspot has changed other than to add some legally mandated warnings about undercooked meats.
Before you panic, most of the changes are superficial, with some interesting items added to the menu but not much taken away. Gone are the Spin Dippers from the appetizer menu. The Captain's Platter has disappeared in name, but has been replaced by the "Lockspot Sampler", which at a glance appears to be the same assortment.
Although we stumbled into the new menu by chance and on full stomachs with appetites only for drink, here are some of the new -as yet untested- items:

  • Clam Dip with Homemade Potato Chips
  • Spinach Artichoke Dip served hot with Pita
  • Greek fries with lots of Garlic and Butter - this has the bartender's recommendation

Soup o' the Day Combo - soup, salad and garlic bread

Burgers and Sandwiches:
  • Fair Burger - American cheese and grilled onions. Our first thought was "why?", but it is priced at a dollar less than other items in this section of the menu
  • Italian Grilled Cheese - sounds yummy with provolone and tomatoes on grilled parmesan sourdough
Seafood, Chicken, etc.:
  • Grilled Cod with creamy dill sauce, rice and veggies
  • Mushroom Dijon Chicken

Perhaps most exciting to those of us living within a few stumbling blocks of the place, they've added a few items to the breakfast menu. If only they would extend the breakfast hours, we might sample them all. The breakfast burrito definitely sounds promising. Is there a chance it's lighter than some of their other fare? Also new are the vegetarian and smoked salmon omelet/scramble options and the lemon raspberry coffeecake.

What's the main takeaway from all this? If you've been stopping by the Lockspot for a decade or more and can't handle any of the older menu items, this might be an opportunity to stop by for more than just your later evening drinks.
Will these new items delight or will they fall flat? Count on your local correspondents at Ballard Gossip Girl to keep you updated.


Anonymous said...

The "fair" burger is named for the infamous Puyallup fair burgers. Where they put grilled onions and cheese, and they are oozily delicious. :)

Triskit said...

OMG I had the fair burger and it was oozily delicious indeed. American cheese be damned! It was good!