Thursday, June 11, 2009

I Want You to Take Me Home

Hey Ballardites - June is Adopt-A-Cat month at the Seattle Humane society. They're waiving all adoption fees on cats over a year old if you bring in a donation of cat food. This weekend they're also adding a seriously great incentive - Popsicles for kids! How could you resist?

This little lady to our left is named Ziggystardust and we think she's really cute. If we didn't already have our fill of pets, we would be making our way down to the Human Society to check out some kitties. We'll be donating to the Humane Society instead. Here's a link if you want to help out!

There are a number of really great reasons to adopt older cats instead of kittens. Everyone loves kittens so they are usually adopted quickly, but there are many great cats looking for a home. Older cats are more mellow than kittens which makes them much more sutiable for children. They're less likely to claw or scratch kids. Adult cats have developed personalities and are less likely to surprise you with unexpected behavior or temperment. And older cats really like to cuddle. What's better than that? Oh, yeah, owning cats lowers your blood pressure and fights depression. You can see the cats and dogs that are available for adoption on the Humane Society's web site - People, it's serious cute overload.

The Seattle Humane Society is located in Bellevue (what? I know!) at 13212 SE Eastgate Way. They're open 7 days a week from noon to 6 p.m. Now, go adopt a cat and send us pictures!

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