Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Beware of the Bicycling Meter Maids!

We're very careful about paying for parking in Ballard. We know the drill, we pay at the pay station, stick the sticker in our car and go about our business... We also keep an eye out for those pesky parking cops on their Segways and Scooters.

But alas, we weren't paying attention to the time and we have received a parking ticket - at 10 minutes to 6 for cripes sake. But what shocked us was that this new breed of Ballard parking cop is handing out tickets from the seat of their bicycle!

Yeah, we know we were in the wrong, we should have paid parking during our 2 minute errand. And we'll suck it up and pay. But we thought we'd warn you parking risk takers to be on the look out for these two wheeled harbingers of annoyance.


Dave said...

I saw someone else get a ticket the other day from the same guys. They are on mission!

LittleNorwegian said...

Do you think they will start handing out tickets for smoking too close to an door....uh oh I might be in trouble.