Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What zipcode should AmazonFresh deliver to next?

Happy New Year to everyone. It's been awhile, but this BGG has finally crawled out from the elements.
Just thought I would post about the Amazon fresh promotion. I would like nothing more than to sit back and wait for groceries to be delivered to my zipcode! 98107!

Oh how I miss the days...Kozmo was my boyfriend you know?!?



Asa said...

I loved Kozmo too - I'd sometimes use it to have Ben & Jerry's delivered if I was feeling the urge...It was a silly business model in that Kozmo stuff was as cheap or cheaper than in a store. In perusing Amazon Fresh it does appear that there is quite a price premium for the convenience. But, still I'm not so sure how Amazon Fresh is that much different from Home Grocer, Webvan, Peapod, etc. which all crashed and burned.

GossipGirl15 said...

Amazon atleast has a viable business in general, so if they want to lost money bringing me food, more power to them! :)