Thursday, January 15, 2009

We Love Moustaches! And Beards!

Gentlemen (and some ladies I guess),

We're sorry we didn't post this sooner, but we wanted to make sure you all know about this totally cool event. Especially if you have hair on your face. Or want to grow some more hair on your face.

The Beard and Stache Fest is kicking off soon so they're looking for some hairy folks to compete in a charity beard event. While the rules don't specifically say it's only for men (I suppose women with beards can join or women who are beards... Katie Holmes?), facial hair growing people who want to compete get their image on a collection can to raise money for Treehouse. Photos of the contestants will be taken Sunday, January 18th in the U-District.

What a great idea!

This hairy festival is sponsoring a number of events in February including a kick off event at Blue C Sushi on Feb. 1. Hmmm....Beards and Tuna. Our favorite! Check out their site for contestant registration forms, calendar of events and all that important stuff.

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