Monday, September 8, 2008

This is Not a Joke!

Hamster Derby
Ladies and Gents! Children of the Neighborhood!

The BGG was at Petco today buying food for the pets that run our household when we saw a sign advertising what may be perhaps the most exciting thing to happen north of 85th since we were at The Crown Hill Pub and witnessed table toppling bar fight. We are not kidding.

It's the Hamster Ball Derby!

How do you get your Hamsters ready for the Hamster Ball Derby? We picked up an information card and see that there is an advised training schedule for the hamsters. Evidently, ideal training for our hamster (if we actually had one) involves 15 minutes of supervised ball work every other day with two days rest in a row each week.

Look at this little guy!

Hamster Derby
Hamster Derby

I did notice on the sign that gerbils, mice and rats can participate in the derby but they must be in appropriate size balls! (Okay, we just wanted to say balls and gerbils in the same sentence.) And you have to bring your own ball. God, we wish we had a hamster.

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