Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Got Souped at the Smoke Shop

Couple of notes about things we love...

Soup and Tee-shirts.

The Smoke Shop has new tee-shirts for sale. Including the blue one pictured at right. Wear it loud and proud to let everyone know you were so loaded that the bartender at this fisherman's dive bar gave you a big bowl of free hot soup. Mmmm. Soup.

Weddings and The 80's.

Some chick sent us pictures of some crazy Lynnwood wedding party they met at the Smoke Shop this weekend. The story is that the bride and bridesmaids headed to the Smoke Shop after the wedding and the groom hit the Casino. They were decked out in what can only be described as the best of 80's prom dresses. Check out the sparkly red number on Miss Pink Pumps over there ->

We think it was actually a Bachelorette Party. But we're just sayin' that so no one from Lynnwood gets mad at us. Especially those nice guys at the bar talking to the lovely bride. Or her husband.


maudie darling said...

Ah...wasted at ye olde smoke shop...a fine night indeed.

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