Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hairy Hamburgers...er...I mean Hamburger Harry's

Things we like:

Look at this plate! Yummy delicious thin panko-like coated onion rings. Generous slice of smoked gouda on the delicious BBQ-a-riffic chicken burger. Delight.

Things we don't like:

Bars and restaurants who cheap out and play the radio as dining entertainment and ambient music. Seriously, I do NOT want to listen to commercials blasting while I eat. Especially commercials on channels like Jack FM and KISW. Please. It's the 21st century. Get an iPod like everyone else or get a juke box or just subscribe to those cable radio stations.

Other than that, Harry's Hamburgers were pretty darn good. Although I didn't notice a seafood burger. Alas, we'll just have to make our own. Oh, and as we predicted, they have all you can eat fries. At least they're not steak fries.


Mary said...

Not impressed with Hamburger Harry's. Lots of stuff on that burger, but not very much burger under it. Overpriced too. Those fries - just like Dick's classic greasy fries. Once was enough - if I want a decent burger, I'll will go to The Loft, Bad Albert's, or all the way to Red Mill.

roaring whispers said...

I would take Bad Albert's over Hamburger Harry's any day, unless of course I'm looking for some trying-to-hard-for-an-image ambiance. Just don't tell the hordes that are invading Ballard to suck up the very last drops of summer.

maudie darling said...

its too shiny. it scares me. plus i really miss the seabreeze. it hurts.