Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hello Sushi, This Is Ballard.

We have been waiting all our life for your call.....Moshi Moshi means Hello.

Yes, here is the scoop. Moshi Moshi is opening up in the new building being built on Ballard Ave in November. The Sushi restaurant's opening date has been delayed by the pesky builders but we are sure the wait will be worth it.

The talent behind the new restaurant is Bricco della Regina Anna owner/chef and "hot hot hot" Ballard resident Kevin Erickson. Word on the street is that he has lured some VERY PRESTIGIOUS sushi chefs away from their current places of employ to grace the sushi bar. Actually, this is a fact, but we were too drunk at the time we heard who they were to remember their names. Future apologies to said chefs and to our fearless readers. We promise to drink less and write down more in the future. (We are fond of empty promises.)

Atmosphere, food and talent are guaranteed to be perfection at Moshi Moshi. We are so excited we could nearly pee our pants in anticipation but we will probably have to suffer through days and days of wanting, desire and panting lust until Moshi Moshi finally opens. Here's raising a Saki Bomb to the wait. It will be worth it. Nothing will be lost in translation.

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