Thursday, May 15, 2008

Calling All Scandi-gay-vians!

Ballard's biggest day of the year is this Saturday - the Norwegian Constitution Day Parade Extravaganza also known as Syttende Mai. The parade is on a Saturday this year - exotic - and will be earlier than normal at 3 p.m. It's one of the biggest and best parades in the world. Really.

We were TOTALLY SURPRISED to see there's an event at BalMar incorporating our local gay scene and the Nords! They came up with the BEST party names ever. Syttende Gay. So good.

We've been watching the Ballard parade for years and have yet to see they type of marchers that you might see in the Pride Parade. You know, gyrating Divas, cross dressing nuns, mustachioed guys in ass-less chaps. Although now that we think of it, the motorcycle cops who ride in formation at the beginning of the parade sport some of the best mustaches we have ever seen. Full bushy Magnum P.I. triumphs. Hmmm. Maybe we'll see some new floats or marchers in the parade this year.

Read all about Syttende Gay on their site. They'll also be celebrating at Purr on Capital Hill if that happens to be your hood.

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