Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Golden City Closed for "Repairs"

According to a handwritten sign on the red door, the Old and Shitty is closed for what they are calling "repairs". We're very curious what this means - will they update the place? Are they going to finally get a latch on the stall in the women's bathroom? Finally close that back door to the alley? Switch out the plantation era paintings? Slap some paint on the old gal? God forbid they make any changes to one of the best juke boxes in Seattle.

We will have to check in on Tommy and see what he's done with the place when it opens back up. If you hear anything, let us know. We have to admit we haven't been here much since our favorite dive bartender, GIB left and went to the Bit. We'll be sure to drop by and see if any of it's super scary charm is still there. And by super scary, I mean really scared-for-your-life scary. The clientèle is a bit rough if you get my drift.


Peter said...

Here's a list of names I've heard Golden City go by:

Old'n Shitty
New Plantation
The David Lynch Cafe
Mystery Bar

As much as I like "Old'n Shitty", I still call it the Mystery Bar.

Ballard Gossip Girl said...

We have heard reports that it's open again and NOTHING has changed. What exactly were these repairs?!