Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Chai House Changes Hands

The rumors are indeed true - Mr. Spot's Chai House is changing owners. We wondered what would happen to the chai brewing business. Luckily, one of our neighborhood readers emailed Jessica and sent us this update on the beloved Chai House.

Yes, I have sold the retail division, the chai house. The new owners are a father and son team, and their mission is to keep the chai house as it is and build upon the success of the last ten years. They will be fixing it up, probably get some new furniture, things like that. They are friends with the Top Pot donut company, so look for some yummy Top Pot donuts soon!!

I am still the chai maker, and have opened wholesale brewery in the Greenwood area. We will still be brewing all the chai for the city from our lovely new headquarters!

Enjoy the new owners at the Chai House and feel free to introduce yourself to them! They are very excited to be a part of the neighborhood!

Jessica Vidican-Neisius
Morning Glory Chai

Be sure to check out the changes and keep this awesome spot in business (pun intended...)! Gossip Girl is very glad that we can still get Morning Glory Chai because it's the closest we will get to an exotic vacation in a while.

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Asa said...

Glad to hear it's going to stay open. Try a Hail Mary - a Mocha Chai with two shots of espresso. On a weekend morning along with a toasted bagel - there's nothing better.