Saturday, February 23, 2008

Those teases at Monkey Bridge

Despite the appearance of several spiffy signs, including a fairly tasteful neon number, there is still no opening date listed for Monkey Bridge Vietnamese restaurant on Market Street. A peek through the brown papers reveals a distinct lack of tables, seeming to refute earlier rumors that they planned to be open well before March.
The only notes we've heard on the menu so far are that there is more than
just Phở. Some noodle dishes are supposedly on the way and some other items to distinguish them from the specialists at Than Brothers a few blocks down.

We're dying for more info...opening dates, a menu!


Peter said...

My wife and I still call it Stimacs.

"I wonder when they're going to open Stimacs back up?" I'll say as we walk past on our way to get a bite to eat at the Ballard Firehouse. "I could go for some Vietnamese food."

Eventually there won't be anyone left in Ballard who gets our references and we'll be stuck only able to communicate with each other.

"Meet you at the Brick Shirt House?"

"You bet!"


Ballard Gossip Girl said...

I totally forgot about the Brick Shirt House! Best Store Name EVAR. Thanks for reminding me.

Anonymous said...

Check tonight!