Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ballard Participants - Dine for Darfur, March 4th

Who doesn't love a good excuse to eat out? Dine for Darfur is back for a second year and several Ballard establishments are participating. Eat and drink at the following spots on Tuesday and 25% of your money goes towards aid for Darfur.
Of course, you could always just donate money, but that wouldn't be as fun, would it? (Or you could do both so as to maximize your donation and take advantage of the drinking you're already doing.) I was a little curious about the Ballard spots that are participating. Both Dine for Darfur and The Hi-Life are Chow Foods enterprises, so that one was a given, but I'm not sure what the connection is to the others, or why there aren't more restaurants in the neighborhood getting in on the action. Personally, I might head over to Wallingford for pizza at Tutta Bella...but I have to confess that I haven't yet tried the wood fired pizzas at the Hi-Life.
Learn more about where the money is going or check out a region wide list of restaurants that are taking part at their website.

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