Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Help The City and Help Yourself!

Booze - Let it Free
Fill out the Seattle Nightlife Initiative Survey
We enthusiastically brought you the news that our Mayor is pushing to extend liquor serving hours to allow bars to set their own staggered closing times if any at all.  We're in favor of this proposal, as you may know, because it's a proven method to prevent a lot of the mayhem that occurs with a singular bar closing time.

The City and the Police are in favor, but they will still have to get it passed by the Washington State Liquor Board.  According to our pals at the Stranger, the proposal is at risk because WSLB thinks it would encourage more drunk driving.  How?  Oh, they surmise that all the drunk people who don't live in Seattle will take to their cars to grab those last few hours of drinking.  We think that's a pretty fringe case scenario.  It's far better to have  some rogue drivers dispersed throughout the night instead of streets filled with them all at the same time.

So here's how you can help!  Please fill out the Seattle Nightlife Initiative Survey.  It's located right here.  Please let the city and the WSLB know that you want to extend bar hours.  Mayor McBeardy actually has an 8-point plan which is open for public comment.  That means you!

Thanks so much fellow nightlife friends.

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