Monday, May 31, 2010

Alert: The Sun is Shining!!

Ballardites - get out and enjoy the sun while you can!  Unbelievable turn of events here, much like "All Summer in a Day," don't miss your chance at the once-every-seven-years glimpse of the sun.  Seriously people, it was getting kind of grim around here.  So grim that I'm referencing Ray Bradbury stories.  Thanks Seattle.  Your weather is less sucky right now than it has been for the past, well, what seems like forever.

Amen.  Now crank up "Black Hole Sun" and hit the road.


Norsk Jenta said...

It has been so long since I saw the sun that I forgot all about its amazing power and got burned. I will be rocking the alternative farmer tan for a few days.

horihoridigdig said...

Me too Norsk Jenta. I ran to the rooftop to garden and forgot my sunscreen. Oops. At least I got the first burn of the season out of the way!