Saturday, January 30, 2010

Seriously, Who Goes There?

Dish D'Lish

It's time for a new post dear readers. This is the first in what we expect to be a long running series called "Seriously, Who Goes There?" This week we'll start out with one of the biggest curiosities on Ballard Avenue - Dish D'lish.

With it's cutesy apostrophized name and pricey sauces, we just can't help but wonder....seriously, who goes there?!


ben said...

My office goes there all the time; they're across the street and are the best bet for a take out salad or panini for lunch. I'm pretty sure they don't make money off the restaurant. They (Cathy Casey) have another shop in the airport which likely makes a ton of cash and supports the Dish.

They do food research which, while probably really fun work - I can't imagine they make any money off of.

They also have cooking parties at the place next door. Again - I don't see how this equates to much profit.

Since becoming vegetarian I hardly ever go there anymore since their veg head menu is pretty non-existent.

The guys who work in the dish are really nice though. You can even get cocktails.

It definitely doesn't fit in with Ballard though and the people I see in there for lunch are not your typical Ballardites.

If I owned the place I'd add more veg head options, concentrate on soups, salads, coffee-shop/grocery store fair (fruit cups, bagels, etc.) and loose the bizarre bacon games at checkout and the really bizarre interior design.

Allie said...

I've never had the desire to go there...

PS: you should do the next one on Zayda Buddies.

Ballard Gossip Girl said...

Ben - thanks for letting us know someone really does eat there!

And we think you're too kind when you describe their "bizarre interior design." We were going to call it "cheap French whorehouse" in the post but left that out in case someone might get offended. But what do we know?

Renai said...

I have been ONCE to pick up lunch for the office... everyone's food was "meh" and I've never been back.

Anonymous said...

In addition to it most likely sucking, I refuse to go anywhere near that place, because Cathy Casey is a monster. Her constant harassment of Connor Byrne when opening this place is enough to keep me away for good.