Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Seriously do we need another hamburger joint in Ballard?

On my drive back to my office today passing Malena's (I don't get why people love this place so much) Tacos I noticed a new hamburger joint going in next door! Seattle Hamburger the sign read. Really? Another hamburger joint in Ballard? Let's count the number already established:

1. Scooter's

2. Zak's

3. Hamburger Harry's

4. Zesto's (I would never eat here)

5. Ballard Brother's Burgers

6. The Counter

7. Lunchbox Laboratory

8. Dick's (I consider Holman Road...North Ballard)

Plus the countless fast food and full service restaurants that sell burgers beyond their normal offerings (Louie's Cuisine of China has a great burger). Enough Ballard; we don't need another burger joint!


Ginger said...

You know what would be nice in Ballard? A new Scandinavian cafe. Something cozy and modern and full of all the flavors that we lost when Olsen's Deli went away.

If I had more guts/a business loan I'd totally do it myself.

Lauren said...

I'd like to see some decent teriyaki--recently there was a place on 15th that had fantastic sizzling teriyaki plates, but they closed. That place off of market is total crap. How do they manage to make chicken thigh dry?

Max Perry said...

I want a good bagel, like bagel oasis style.