Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Rush Hour Ship Canal Nightmare - maybe

Alert Alert Alert!

We just found out that the Ballard, Fremont, Montlake and University Bridges will all close intermittently during rush hour tonight! Beware drivers, it could be a mess. A barge carrying a huge part of the I90 bridge will be passing through the ship canal according to Q13. Here's a link to their article.

We absolutely cannot believe they would allow the bridges to go up during rush hour. What would Chris Tucker say? I mean, really.

Let us know if you see the barge pass - maybe they'll get it done early!


Her Royal Highness said...

It appears that the same civil engineer who schedule the I90 restoration during Seafair weekend also coordinated the bridge closings for the expansion joint ships.

Good job, Seattle. First Snopocolypse, now Traffigeddon.

Sally said...

Uh, for the the rest of us who followed this trend--it wasn't expected to be a nightmare and just the variously bridged one by one--oops, for those of us who travel by bus, we know this happens all the time.

No nightmare, and no alert necessary--nothing different than a Safedo or Qwest Field or any other sports event in Seattle--get over it--it's appalling that it's allowed, but it is.