Thursday, May 7, 2009

Stupid Liquor Board Ruining Our Life Again

The price of booze is going up drinky friends. Beware! Expect to see price increases at your local liquor store and at bars and restaurants. The Washington State Liquor board approved a tax increase of more than 10% to go into effect August.

According to the sin tax loving board's whiskey example, here's what you'll be paying:
Premium whiskey priced today at $41.95 would be approximately $45.65 under the new formula. A value whiskey priced today at $10.95 would be approximately $11.85 as of August 1, 2009.
And who knows how much bars will start marking up drinks. What should a recession stressed liquor lover do?
  • Start hoarding liquor now!
  • Email the liquor board and suggest they open all liquor stores on Sundays to make up for lost revenue instead of increasing sin taxes. Write to them at
  • Tell your state reps you're pissed! Ballard is in the 36th district. Here's who to contact with links to their contact information:

Rise Up People! Rise Up!


Stu said...

After speaking to the Communications Director for the WSCLB, he stated that other avenues to ease this hike are being attempted - Opening stores, opening more stores on Sundays, etc. A more formal announcement will be made in June as to what the WSCLB will be doing in addition to raising prices. More on the can be found at

Cameron said...

I for one, won't be raising prices on drinks, however, I will forward my displeasure to the WSLCB on the increased cost, it's just going to squeeze everyone, and will result in less revenue as well.
It's shortsighted at best...