Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mayoral Election Buzz - Nickelsville in The News

We noticed the upcoming Seattle Mayoral election is starting to get more press.

First of all, we'd like to remind you who we won't be supporting this fall! Please refer to our previous rant about our current mayor. After the colossal F*ck Up Job the Mayor and his staff did during the Great Snow Storm of '09 we added another item to our list of Things We Think A Golden Retriever Can Do Better Than Our Mayor.

Nickels did a really nice job today of getting mentioned on the mother flippin' FRONT PAGE of the New York Times in an article about the spread of Tent Cities across the nation! Looks like stigma of Nickelsville, much like our homeless problem, just won't go away on it's own, will it?

We're very excited to see some folks in Seattle actually step up and run for mayor. We laughed when Dan Savage said he'd run and the city took him seriously.

Now it looks like sexy former Super Sonic James Donaldson has thrown in his hat along with beard-o-licious Michael McGinn. Hurray! We're really excited to see who else will be on the ballot.

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