Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"Breaking" News - Truck drives into side of bus

At approximately 5:35 this evening, a truck pulled out of the Lock Vista parking lot on 56th and into the side of the Metro 17 Express, originally hitting just behind the forward doors as can be seen in the photo and scraping along the side as the bus came to a complete stop. Initial indications are that no one was injured since the bus was barely moving at the time, a lucky break for the many people standing during the ride who could easily have been knocked off balance.
This gossip girl witnessed the accident from inside the bus, where it sounded like the front end of the white truck was being shaved off the completely. The driver of the pickup was overheard saying something about his brakes having issues.
Judging from previous damage to his vehicle, this might not be the first time these issues have come up. I'm sure there will be an investigation by Metro, but I would not anticipate any blame being directed towards the bus driver. In addition to passengers, another Metro driver witnessed the incident from across the parking lot and was quickly at the scene. We'll keep you updated if we hear further information. For now we're just glad that everyone was alright.

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