Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tiger Tail...common housecat?

While the name does its part to setup tag lines like "they're Grrrrr-eat!" or the Seattle Times more earnest sounding recent pun, the offerings and atmosphere at Tiger Tail made a minimal impression on me. They do have good prices on several regional wines, good happy hour deals, and fun, colorful art on one wall. Maybe I arrived at exactly the wrong time between initial new business buzz and more established crowds, but the energy just wasn't there. The hint of pretentiousness was. If you go, be prepared to balance it out with a stop at the Tin Hat or the other established bars nearby.


Anonymous said...

Bravo whispers, call it like you see it. Overhyped neighborhood dud? Time will tell. What is their hook?

jklebert said...

This place is the twilight zone
We should have noticed Rod Serling, smoking, standing outside of this place.

Way, way overpriced and bad food. Goofy menu; our first three choices were no longer offered. Asian-inspired? When I asked what they had as new choices to the menu, we were told "hot dog and hamburger on a croissant".

The Asian-inspired music? Lyrics: "My hair is long but it does not cover my redneck."

Run away from this place